Charles V. Firlotte

Leadership & Team Development

Our goal is to develop great leaders who energize their teammates.

Utilizing assessment tools to develop team and organizational effectiveness, we help build leaders, teams, organizations and cultures to exceed the highest expectations for performance. Changing attitude will shape culture to deliver discernable and impressive changes in performance.

We develop high level potential leaders through personal development and individual coaching. With clear communications and direction, teams thrive.


Personal Growth

Through our executive coaching program we help energize and unleash the talent of inspiring leaders.

Career development guidance allows our clients to magnify their impact, supporting them to build a successful career they love.

Through carefully crafted monitoring and tutoring we provide tomorrow’s leaders with increased confidence and abilities.


Company Growth & Profitability

Companies often struggle with developing and executing strategy. Our approach, built on our distinctive capabilities, enables our clients to focus on their greatest strengths while simultaneously removing barriers to growth.

We work with our clients to develop a coherent, capabilities-driven strategy that aligns at every level. Our goal is to define that strategy so that it inspires your customers and employees to realize the great potential of your business.

In a world of digital transformation and complexity we work with our clients to refresh themselves constantly, experimenting with new ideas and reviewing their enterprise through a tri-portal perspective of people, process and profit. It’s imperative to have all three of these engines purring on full throttle.