Career Journey: A Long Road Full of Twists and Turns

  1. Brad Burns-Howard says:

    One can also recognize opportunities within organizations that better match your own skill set and interests. It is not always necessary to leave an organization or industry. And always ask for new challenges!

  2. CVF says:

    You are so right Brad. It is possible to change horses within the barn, so to speak. Thanks for this reminder.

  3. Tom Matthews says:

    Great points on career building, Chuck. Finding a new career or even a new position is genuinely hard work, but the effort required is worthwhile, especially when compared with staying stuck in an unfulfilling place.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Very interesting. For sure age, and financial status would play a huge role in deciding any changes in career. And, later in life, having no regrets about choices is a sure bonus.

  5. Jean Doucet says:

    Anonymous above is cousin Jean…….didn’t fill in my page properly !!!

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