Energy Begets Energy: Getting Your Act In Gear

  1. Jean Short says:

    Great article Charles!!!! Another suggestion is to get a mentor and that could be a friend, a colleague , or a professional coach.

  2. Claire Fracker says:

    Thank you Charles for your article and great suggestions on how to apply our energy to our lives. A couple of years ago I applied all of my energy to my physical and mental wellness. I actually started into my spiritual well-being many years before. It opened the door to my wellness and then I put action into my energy to live a healthy lifestyle. I lost my sister to a massive heart attack and it opened my eyes to recognize that if I didn’t improve my lifestyle I Probably would have major health issues. I am today happy that I chose to put my energy into action and I am thankful for the mentors I met along my journey to experience healthy living each and every day. Thank you and blessings from your No.1 fan!

    • CVF says:

      Thank you Claire. I know that you lost your sister far too soon and I have been so impressed with the energy you put in to your life. Truly impressive.

  3. Carol Bridgett says:

    Great article ,as usual.:-) I know exactly what you mean by “bon courage” as well as “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. I always look forward to your Blog. 🙂

  4. CVF says:

    Thank you Carol ! So appreiciate your encouragement.

  5. Lorraine Bukowski says:

    I always find something pertinent to me in your writings. In this case, it’s the “difficult conversation” and protecting my energy. All of your posts are learning experiences for me – thank you!

  6. Tom Matthews says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Chuck. Especially like your point about starting with a “single step”. So often people wait for “the right moment” to get moving in a new direction, but better to get going “right now” and keep adjusting as you go along to reach your goal.

  7. Gerry MacMillan says:

    Thought provoking article Charles!
    I worked for the Irving family most of my career. In their recruiting process, they administer several tests. One of them is an aptitude test, of sorts and one of its predictors is ones energy level. It is a factor they pay close attention to. High energy and hard work ethic is a very prominent trait within employees of this company and I am sure within most successful companies.
    Your comment that “energy does beget energy” does not just do so within oneself, it affects others in a positive way to promote a culture of driven individuals.

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