A Different Holiday for a Difficult Year

  1. Claire Fracker says:

    2020 was a year like no other for sure. It at first was fear that hit me!! Thru time the pandemic helped me to reflect on how busy life was and it actually helped me to use my time in learning new skills and taking time to reconnect with friends. Our family made better effort to connect as a group on FaceTime!! Which we probably would not have done otherwise!! My heart goes out to the families who loss family and friends! I pray we did learn to appreciate life and that we will in this season of giving give of ourselves to others!! Thank you Charles!!

    • Chuck says:

      Thanks Claire. Fear was and is a normal reaction, expecially in the beginning when so much of it was unknown. I recall NYC hospitals reporting in mid -late March that people were coming into emergency departments gasping for air. That was scary. Sounds like you have adapted well. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Cora Malcolm says:

    A poignant and inspiring article, one of the biggest lessons we should learn from 2020 is the importance of giving frely to our fellow man. We learned the value of living in a village and helping our neighbours. I personally reaffirmed this year that the gift of love comes in all forms and sizes. Seldom is it what we need or want, but what we as people can contribute to our fellow man.
    Thank you for this inspiring article.

  3. Chuck says:

    Thank you Cora. You are right, nasty pestilence notwithstanding, if we come out of this a kinder, gentler version of humanity then all of this will not have been in vain. And love does come in all forms and sies. You are correct.

  4. Linda Hvizdo says:

    Hi Chuck! Happy to connect with you again and would love to follow you! Hope all is well with you and your family and you have a happy, healthy, blessed Christmas and New Year! P.S. I am trying to promote a FB page called “Kind, a Virus” to share more of these stories of beautiful hearts. check it out!

    • CVF says:

      Linda so great to hear from you and i would love to have you back to read my musings. And i will check out “kind, a Virus”. Merry Christmas and here’s to a great 2021.

  5. Jackie Firlotte says:

    Love your reflective and pondering article. The pandemic has certainly been a testimony of resilience, adaptation, and kindness. As you mention, giving brings contentment. Recently, our small City had a turkey drive that resulted with 2,350 families receiving a Christmas turkey! I am almost certain that the donors were the receivers from their kind act of generosity. This was a heartwarming article in our local paper today. Merry Christmas Charles!

  6. CVF says:

    Jackie so great to get our note from sunny Fredericton! THank you for your comments. You are so right, it has been a testimonry to resilience, adaptation and kindness. HAve a Merry Christmas to you and Bert.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Thank you, Chick, for finding the good in a year with little enough of it! To 2020!

  8. CVF says:

    Thank you Anonymous. Appreciate your kind commentary.

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