Listening: Leadership’s New Power Tool

  1. Gerald Arseneau says:

    Mr Firlotte, your comment on the listening skills not being taught in school ( at any level) is very true, we stress the fact that people have to regurgitate information that was given for a test that only recalls information that was written and repeated . The best listeners I’ve ever encountered were a bit introvert and were very quiet,therefore this gave them the ability to listen with attention to the speaker and they often only spoke little but listen a lot; these persons were able to formulate answers to questions by recalling the conversations that they had with the speaker !

    • CVF says:

      Gerry, i so appreiciate your perspective, as you are an experienced educator. I agree with you, in that it is indeed the ability to listen that allows us to formulate a response. It is an acquired skill.

  2. Tom Matthews says:

    Totally agree, Chuck – well said. I believe listening is a challenge for many because it requires a certain amount of selflessness. Most people, including leaders, are determined to share their idea or point of view first because they want to establish authority. Quality listening, though, will establish influence and this is far more important for a leader. (Disclosure: my listening skills are a work in progress.)

  3. CVF says:

    Tom, thank you for this. the “selflessness” perspective is a fascinating one. And yes, putting our ideas prominently out there does (at least we so believe) establish our “authority”. I appreciate your disclosure. I suspect most of us are in training on this one. 🙂

  4. Gordon M. Loane says:

    Hi Chuck: I had an opportunity to read your comments with interest earlier today. I must admit that my listening skills, especially on Zoom,
    are a real challenge. Most of our regional church meetings are on Zoom today because of the current health situation. I can tell you though
    that as a former reporter/news type of person all men and women of our ilk are trained observers and listeners. Otherwise, we would not be effective.
    I remember wise words from some of my elders. God gave you two ears and one mouth…. so govern yourself accordingly.

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