Biden and the Challenges of Leadership

  1. Michael Hare says:

    Very insightful and and strategic words

  2. Byron Druss says:

    You’ve inspired me to look at previous cabinets’ members’ party affiliation and their impacts over single partisan ones.
    I’d like to hear your views on Supreme Court appointments in one of your essays.

  3. Claire Fracker says:

    I love the positivity you share in your article of the importance of The political parties of USA that it is a must and they should work together to improve relationships amongst the people internally and with other nations. USA was always a respected strong nation with great democratic values. It certainly will be a challenging job for President elect Biden and he does display a great love for his nation and the world. Thank you for sharing your article. I will certainly share it as it is worth the read and inspiring as well.

  4. Ginny Curry says:

    I agree with your analysis of what Biden’s agenda, hopefully, he’ll be able to achieve. From the many speeches I’ve heard of Biden’s, that is basically his plans. His biggest threat, from what I see is the ability to get Congress, especially The Senate, to work with him. We have a coalition of Senators that have a partisan agenda, as we seen in the Obama Presidency, and have openly said they would do this again. This is why we so need at this juncture to have at best, control of the Senate or at least a tie.
    I am in full agreement to have a Cabinet of both Parties and both genders. As it’s more than time, to throw partisanship out.
    Joe feels he’ll be able to work together with The Congress. Hopefully Congress will work with Joe, for the good of our country!!

  5. Dr. Carol D. Birks says:

    Chuck , I am inspired and motivated by this text. It definitely underscores that it is imperative for us to come together as a collective nation to demonstrate love and respect for each other regardless of race and party affiliation. Given the current state of our country, my prayer for President Elect Biden and Vice President Elect Harris is that the country and the world will see them as lighthouses, in effect, beacons of light for others. Looking forward to hope and peace , and the way forward. Thank you, CVF for pushing me for some time of reflection.

  6. Lucy Nichol says:

    This a great article; and, I am sure echoing the views of many.
    I trust hope that it works out for our neighbour and friends..the USA.
    God bless you for posting such a great article.

  7. CVF says:

    Thank you Lucy !!

  8. Roger D Sals says:

    As usual your vision is spot on 20/20. The idea of inclusion rather than exclusion is exactly what is necessary to bring us back to a position of leadership not only here at home but worldwide. The jingoism of the outgoing administration only serves to the rapid downward spiral that we experienced in the last four years. If the world is to recover from this health crisis and environmental crisis , we must all pull together not in isolated patches.
    I believe in America. I believe in the America the unites not isolates. I believe that President Joe Biden can do the job but only with our support and the support of every child, woman and man, regardless of race creed or orientation.

  9. Ray Johnson says:

    I get the approach and hear similar themes from Biden/Harris. However, when I watch leading Republicans call into question the legitimacy of our election, and acknowledge more people, not less, supported trump in 2020, I honestly struggle with the “let’s reach out and understand the other side” theme. Over 4 years, we witnessed first-hand a president lieing on a scale never before seen, encourage racists, call for his opponents to be imprisoned, attack a Governor who was saved from a kidnapping and murder plot, and attack veterans, just to name a few. I can’t even begin to list all the damaging policies. So, I’m honestly waiting to see how the other side proceeds. I’ve been careful about not posting the most egregious memes about trump, but am appalled at the way the transition is going. Republicans are putting lives at risk. I can’t just turn a cheek on all of this.

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