Leadership and the Courage of Decisive Action

  1. Claire Fracker says:

    Great article Charles!
    Productivity is certainly achieved when direction of the person in charge is in touch with employees! A company head should be making time and taking interest to share what their intended expectations are for the team and they should also listen to the team or teams input . Dedicated time and interest with employees will result in the success of a business. The action of time and trust together are valuable as well to keep everyone focused on making good decisions to reach their goal.

  2. Ray Johnson says:

    Spot on, Charles! I would add there is value in carving out time for creativity, too. Ask questions about a process or policy. Start with, why do we do this? The answers may surprise! Should we stop doing something, so that time can be allocated for something more impactful?
    Love your inspiring take!

  3. CVF says:

    Ray, thank you so much. And you are spot on about carving out time for creativity, which in today’s crazy world becomes harder and harder to do.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This article should be shared to all companies that are struggling to help turn-around employees. During my time as manager in a office position , that if you treat your staff with respect, in return you have satisfied employees, that will give you their best and your company will flourish.
    All employees should be treated the same, and should be told that no question are insignificant.
    Employers and staff should work as a TEAM, because as we know TEAM means (Together each can accomplish more) i believe the Charles has shown us this in the above article.
    Personally I know of a company who did just that and fortunately, when business, around the area start shutting down they remained open, and still are thriving as of today.
    Thank you for this informative article.

  5. CVF says:

    Thank you Anonymous. Great commentary. Thank you for weighing in .

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