When Behavior Trumps Performance

  1. Joanne Duguay says:

    Hear! Hear! It is refreshing to read this kind of article, that promotes respect for values, along with performance, in employees. Too many employees become jaded when they see how “jerks”, (there is no better word!), who perform well, get away with all manner of unacceptable behaviours, that are not ranked as being as important as performance, in the corporate culture. Companies who value only performance are sending the wrong message. Those companies end up having a highly toxic work environment, and TOXIC is the key word. The company is not winning, it is losing. Big time!

  2. Firlotte comes down on the right side of this eternal management question. Look no further than pro sports, and how many times some flashy star with the wrong attitude sinks his team. And when the team full of “no names” wins the title, everyone wonders how it happened. In business as in sports, the cliches do hold water–teamwork often matters more than individual skills.

  3. Jess says:

    So true, and breaking up can be the most difficult, but absolutely necessary step.

  4. Ralph Daley says:

    Again your ideas could apply in the educational framework as well. I witnessed fellow teacher who trod over other teachers to impress the administrative staff. I witnessed administrators who intimidated their staff because of their arrogance, lack of compassion, understanding etc. It is a team effort and an effective team in my opinion is led overall by an effective administrator who is able to delegate to those who have the strengths in areas that he or she may be lacking. Seeing that in yourself and in your role in a company or the educational system is an admirable strength in my opinion. Your articles Chuck would certainly useful to promote healthy discussion no matter which structure, ( corporate, private, government etc.) is working on staff development.

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