Why Too Many Managers Fail

  1. A deft analysis of the Peter Principle in action–top performers at one level rising to their level of incompetence at the next. Perhaps by using ideas such as those explored here, more managers can avoid that trap by recognizing and promoting individuals who have the skills and desire not just to succeed on their own, but to make those around them better. I found this inspiring.

  2. Great article! Too many times an organization will pick a sales superstar and promote them to a managerial role without doing the in-depth evaluation you suggest. The net result is usually failure.I have seen this too many times in my business life.

  3. Ralph Daley says:

    Great articles Chuck. Could certainly apply to the educational departments and administrative levels as well. Too often I witnessed incompetence promoted because they had served their time as a teacher, taken some administrative courses etc. Collaboration was not part of their vocabulary etc. I strongly agree with your ideas and commend you as a CEO recognizing that this approach is the one of many that is effective. Team building. team mentoring concentrating on the positive and going from there etc. I once had a very wise administrator tell her staff that we are to take the children from where they are not from where we expect them to be and work from there to help them meet their potential.Very impressive article!

  4. Camelia Lawrence, MD, FACS says:

    Excellent article, Chuck. Young leaders like myself continue to benefit from your coaching and pearls of wisdom shared through your articles on leadership. Effective leadership is critical to the success of every organization yet so often we miss the mark in the selection process despite our best intent and/or screening process.

  5. Brenda Valentin says:

    Chuck, this is an excellent article! It starts with great leaders like yourself. This type of strong leadership habit is the reason I have continue to progress in my career. I’ve had and continue to have a strong support system helping me along the way. Thanks for sharing Chuck! You are truly and inspiration.

  6. gacor24 says:

    I could not refrain from commenting. Exceptionally well written!

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