When It Comes To Work, Let’s Agree It’s Ok To Disagree

  1. Jessica Nana says:

    A poignant reminder Chuck. This trickles down to so many facets of business. While I support cheering each other on, there definitely is a lack of healthy discussion out of fear for ramifications which means we are more likely to not think outside the box.

    • Chuck Firlotte says:

      I was the anonymous. Did not insert my name in the prior message. Chuck

    • Lorraine Bukowski says:

      Absolutely! We see this in so many arenas, I can understand people’s reluctance to speak up, even if they feel deeply that something is amiss with a plan or proposal. Or with bullying on social media or in political discussions (especially the latter!). The workplace is a good starting point, which needs only leaders who are able to allow – indeed, invite – other opinions. I have benefited from heeding a devil’s advocate at various times, both in my career and personal life. I hope your words reach managers and executives at small, medium and large businesses, and that they take a shot at asking, “Does anyone have an alternative thought?”

  2. Larry decker says:

    Hello Charles- I too have seen too many “yes person” responses – perhaps shows like Survivor have influenced this over the years. Nobody wants to get voted off. People rely on their salary to survive – too often the fear of disagreeing with the “in crowd” puts your position and livelyhood in jeopardy. As far as your acquisition of the environmental laboratory – I feel for you there- that struck close to home – as alway best of luck and continue your oversite of a wonderful company! Best – Larry

    • Chuck Firlotte says:

      That’s very kind of you Larry, thank you. And I do agree, disagreeing with the boss in a culture where that is not encouraged, can be risky. Thanks for sharing your perspective.

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