Personal Growth

Old Dogs, New Tricks and 2021

You have heard the expression, of course, that old dogs cannot learn new tricks. This maxim has surpassed dog training and is so embedded in our collective belief system that we easily can allow ourselves to take it to heart, even if it doesn’t truly...

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A Different Holiday for a Difficult Year

We have rounded the corner to the holiday season, saying goodbye to 2020 and (warily) welcoming a fresh beginning with the advent of the New Year. Many of us are pondering all that we have been through over the past 10 months and trying to...

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Gratitude: The Emotional Super Food for Happiness

The 11th month officially kicks off the holiday season: Thanksgiving, Hannukah for Jews and Christmas for Christians. We usually have great expectations for celebration and togetherness at this time of year, but many experience anxiety and sadness instead. So, on the doorstep of Thanksgiving 2020—which...

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